There’s a lot of talk about the toxicity of “Social Media” and Twitter, it seems to me, is the one with greatest toxicity and fewest redeeming features. The tweet I’m using as the image for this post is from one of the very few redeeming parts of Twitter – a parody account that seems to articulate the inner thoughts of many SJW sorts. I’ve had a twitter account for almost a decade. Actually I have two but I’ve not used the other in so long it now appears to be suspended – possibly because someone hacked it and used it to tweet spam (we’ll see if it gets reactivated now that I’ve reset the password, but if it dies then I don’t care).

I got the accounts when twitter was just getting going but I’ve never found much of interest on twitter or found much personal benefit in tweeting things. Certainly very few if any of my tweets get read by many others. I’m sure that if I aggressively worked at getting followers and retweets etc. then it would be different but for reasons I’m going to go into below I think doing such a think is actually bad. Twitter needs to die and the sooner it does so the better.

The fist problem is that twitter is arbitrary in it’s standards. Some people can get away with all sorts of things, others get banned for saying things that would seem to be objectively true.

And, while many of the examples of this appear to be related to transgender issues, they aren’t the only place where this happens.

Second, when twitter permabans you, they give you no reason and no chance to appeal or even to discover the specific accusation and accuser.

That one way arbitrariness where certain viewpoints seem to be more equal than others is just the start. The real reason twitter is evil is that it seems to thrive on bullies. Indeed one suspects it may enable them.

For example Ricochet pointed out that twitter seemed to deliberately highlight a few embittered gadflies complaining about Will Smith being cast as Venus & Serena William’s father in an upcoming biopic.

Rage and anger are simple emotions to play on and they result in greater engagement with Twitter as twits pile on and then slap themselves on the back for being so ‘woke’.

Will Smith and Hollywood can take it. The twitter mob is unlikely to cause much more than a twinge of annoyance to either. However other victims of this are not so lucky.

One persistent example of this is YA Twitter – the twitter feeds of Young Adult authors, editors, agents and “influencers”. The first I learned of this was about two years ago with the hatefest over “The Black Witch”. However in the last few days Jesse Singal has written a series of posts about how certain YA totalitarians are using twitter to enable their bullying of YA writers. One of the scum involved is a bloke called Barry Goldblatt who is a YA agent and who appears to have a little black list of unsuitable writers

He’s threatened all sorts of other people too (read the first Singal post for more) and all in all deserves the inevitable crash when he accidentally says something that someone else will consider objectionable. In the meantime however he and his fellow YA bullies are enforcing their woke but racist and sexist stereotypes on all the authors who dare seek a Tradpub YA book deal. The result of which is this:

All of this has had a chilling effect on authors’ choices. It is now safer to write books that do not include any “risky topics,” removing nuance from children’s fiction. Diverse casts written authentically bear the risk of being labelled stereotypes or “outside of your lane,” while those written less so can be labelled as white-washed. It is now safer to write a majority white cast, with a few smaller parts for non-white characters, since less “screen time” means less risk of causing offense, but having them present protects you from having an all-white cast (a high crime in the current rule system)..

I’m afraid that a YA author is going to be hounded so mercilessly that he (or I fear more likely she) will commit suicide.

There are numerous other examples of twitter pile-ons too. Twit something that some offendapotamus can find “problematic” and you can lose your job and your friends in the resulting pile-on and hysteria. Worse these days you can lose your job/friends etc. because someone dug up something you twitted years ago and forgot about.

It would be OK if twitter had some positive values but it doesn’t. It isn’t a place for cute cat videos. The Tweets that aren’t political all seem to be marketing based and who needs to know that Company X has just launched product Y at trade-show Z? Aside from anything else they are sure to have made that announcement at LinkedIn and probably other places too.

If there’s a upside to all this, it is that people are noticing. With luck enough advertisers will stop using the platform to make it lose money and it will fold. An ending to be devoutly hoped for in my opinion.