As a subject of Her Majesty, I don’t of course have a vote in the USA. However, that doesn’t stop me having opinions and seeking to influence people who do have a vote there.

This post explains why Trump is, IMHO, the less bad option. I’d love to have recommended Gary Johnson, but to be honest he doesn’t seem to be materially better and splitting the vote against the Evil Empress means she gets in and that would (will?) be a disaster.

Trump may also be disastrous for the USA and the world, but as Michael Ramirez points out in his cartoon, there’s the faint possibility he won’t be. There seems to be no doubt whatsoever that a Clinton presidency will be a catastrophe.

So let’s consider why a Clinton presidency is an assured disaster. Firstly there’s the mindset that led to her email server. Forget whether or not foreign nations actually hacked it, this is a classic example of “rules are for the little people” and “my interests are more important than my country’s”. Those are not characteristics I would consider healthy in the leader of a democracy.

Then there’s what the email server was apparently intended to hide – the pay to play corruption of the Clinton Foundation and its various offshoots. Corruption and crony mutual back-scratching aren’t exactly unheard of in politics but the Clintons appear to have taken this to a whole new level.

Put together it becomes clear that a President Hillary Clinton will act like the French king who declaimed “L’etat, c’est moi”.

Worse there’s the sycophantic courtiers of the fourth estate. Things were bad enough under Obama, under Clinton its clear things will be far worse. If you like the idea of the media acting as a check on the excesses of government than you don’t want a Clinton presidency because, as we’ve seen during the campaign, journalists will work with the Clintons to actively conceal or divert attention.

I find myself in agreement with my friend Sarah Hoyt, and with Ann Coulter, that for all his faults and bombast Trump is a less bad option and, at this point, the only chance we have of stopping a Clinton presidency is a vote for Trump.

Alternatively you can all give up, admit the last 240 years were a mistake and become subjects of Her Majesty again. Theresa May is far more competent than either Trump or Clinton. She’ll be a leader you can put your trust in.