So Donald Trump actually talks like Hollywood thinks bazillionaire sexists should talk? I must clutch my pearls and retire to my fainting couch.

Actually, no I won’t.

If you are actually shocked at this then I’m sorry you live in a really sheltered world. I don’t condone it, but in my near half century on this planet I’ve any number of conversations with men I otherwise respect who have talked about the possibility of sex with certain females, discussed – sometimes in TMI detail – their sexual conquests, and so on. There’s a certain category of male, and they are generally the ones who want to run things, who seem to feel the need to overshare their sex life and sexual fantasies. Yes they are lacking in class, in tact, in the behaviour that one would hope to see in a gentleman etc. but the one thing they aren’t is rare. Or limited to just certain political circles.

I’d love to say that politicians and the rich aren’t the same except that persistent evidence suggests that they are. Take Bill Clinton or the Kennedy family for example. Or, to move offshore from the USA, consider various Japanese PMs including at the very least Junichirō Koizumi about whom there were many detailed stories. Or Jacques Chirac. Or – to go back a while in history – Lloyd George and Lord Palmerston.

Probably the only presidential candidate in recent years that I’m 99% sure wouldn’t talk like this is Mitt Romney and yet despite that he was slimed for “binders full or women”.  If this is all you’ve got, Trump’s going to win because once you think about it, there’s nothing there.