As Powerlineblog says, the lefties have outsourced the censorship of speech they dislike to Silicon Valley. Powerline reports on the case of Prager University which, having sued Google over its problems with Youtube, now finds itself shadow banned on Facebook. Much the same has happened to Doug Wead who presents some fascinating graphs about how mention of TRump – or even having a Trump quote on the bottom of a screen capture – leads to no-personing. And then there’s Jim Treacher who suffered a ban for unexplained reasons – meaning he has no idea what to avoid in order to net be banned again.

But it isn’t just the big boys who get the censorship treatment. The little ones do too and the result of the outsourcing is that posts calling a demonstrable racist, a racist %expletive% (on twitter) are banned

On the other hand Facebook sees nothing wrong with a “Kill Capitalists” image

So in the spirit of testing the censorship rules I’ve created some nice graphics to see what is permissible

I’ve put them on twitter and in some places on Facebook. We shall see if they attract attention. Feel extremely free to share widely as allegedly they won’t violate any standards….