I had never understood anarchy movements; I believe in a government that builds roads. This election gives me more insight into the anarchist position.

–Anonymous friend

So I’m scanning through my favorite blogs and social media and I note a few stories showing up that outrage me. None is, in the wider view of things, probably that significant but taken together they show that the world could do with a lot less government “employees”, aka civil “servants”. To start with the one that outrages me most, about adoption in the UK:

A husband and wife have been prevented from trying to adopt their two young foster children after the couple said a child needed a “mummy and daddy” rather than gay parents.

Social services said it would not consider the couple’s request to adopt the children because they had aired “concerning” opinions about the possibility of a same-sex couple being chosen as the adoptive parents instead.

Campaigners said the treatment of the couple was disturbing because it meant people could be penalised by the authorities simply for expressing support for traditional parenting.

One of the places where I read about this suggested a gallows be constructed for the officials involved, he’s probably joking since he’s actually not in favor of the death penalty, the other points out just how chilling this is on public discourse:

You are still free to express dissent. It is just that if you exercise your freedom to express your dissent you and yours had better give up on wanting to do anything else with your life which requires the goodwill of officials, a category which grows ever larger.

[Note: I see no reason to delve into studies that show that the prospective adopting parents actually have scientific support for their opinion, not least because almost all of the research in this area is statistical in nature and the statistics are done by social scientists who generally have an extremely poor grasp of statistics. I can well believe that the paper linked is as bad as any other]

There is no reason to think that a belief in the superiority of a traditional family is going to lead to a bad outcome for the children, let alone the fact that almost any family that willingly adopts children is likely to give them a better outcome than a succession of foster parents and institutionalized care. Indeed this couple are already accepted as foster parents so they have already convinced enough idiot bureaucrats that they are responsible people. Not letting them adopt is at best mindless jobworthism and probably something rather more evil.

Then across the pond in the USA there are two stories about food regulation that deserve attention. First some idiot jobsworths in Kansas insisted that 700 4000 pounds of barbequed meat be discarded rather than given to charities that feed the homeless:

The Kansas City Health Department ordered 700 pounds of barbecue it found from the event at a community food kitchen Wednesday to be tossed in dumpsters and covered in bleach. That figure now stands at more than 4,000 pounds as all food collected from the annual event has been destroyed.

The Kansas City Health Department says it had no idea these collections and donations were going on at the Royal every year until a chance inspection this week at Hope City.

Images of even the award-winning barbecue doused in bleach in a dumpster have sparked outrage among barbecue lovers and people who volunteer their efforts to feed Kansas City’s needy. But health officials say it was the only option.

“All of that food was uninspected, so that makes it from an unapproved source, it can not be served to the public,” Kansas City Health Department Operations Manager Joe Williamson said.

It is important to note that there are no reports of anyone being harmed by the food donated in previous years from the same source. But even so, some useless bureaucrats who spend their time sitting on their loathsome, spotty behinds squeezing blackheads, insist that the charitable donations be stopped because the sources were “unapproved” and hence the food must be wasted.

In a similar light some crime fighters in California clearly had spare time on their hands so they organized a sting on members of a facebook group that shared recipes and organized potlucks:

A Stockton woman faces an impending trial and potential jail time after she joined a social media community food group, and sold some of the meals she cooked, which county San Joaquin County officials say is against the law.

Mariza Reulas was cited by San Joaquin County for selling an illegal substance, but it wasn’t a powder, a pill or a plant. It was her bowl of homemade ceviche.

Again it is worth noting that there is no mention of anyone actually being harmed by consuming the food this group produced. Yet the local DA found time to get away from prosecuting drug dealers, theives, rapists and the like to bring the hammer down on this group.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Kelly McDaniel […] says selling any food not subject to health department inspection puts whoever eats it in real danger, not to mention it undercuts business owners who do get permits to make their food.

One suspects that the part I’ve underlined is the real reason here. If people aren’t forced to get permits then the whole scam of government permitting and regulation is threatened.

I have two friends who have tried to get into the food business. The amount of bureaucratic pettyfoggery they have encountered has caused them to rethink their plans considerably and cost a significant amount of time and resources to no benefit to society what so ever. The rules make it next to impossible for a new small business to comply and make a profit, this benefits the larger established businesses and keeps the food inspectors and other similar bureaucrats in jobs (and free food and other petty corruption no doubt) while providing little or no benefit to the taxpayers, who pay to have their choices as consumers limited, or consumers in general.