I’m not sure how many books and movies I’ve read/watched where the bad guys (usually its the baddies) end up having their plans disrupted because they discussed them in front of the servants. Variants on this where the hero(ine) gets a job as a cleaner, maid or similar to find out the bad guy’s secrets are also common, as are both fictional and non fictional examples of investigators and spies looking through discarded papers to find out secrets.

Yet despite this, Hillary Clinton asked her maid to print off confidential documents for her.

Santos also had access to a highly secure room called an SCIF (sensitive compartmented information facility) that diplomatic security agents set up at Whitehaven, according to FBI notes from an interview with Abedin.

From within the SCIF, Santos — who had no clearance — “collected documents from the secure facsimile machine for Clinton,” the FBI notes revealed.

Just how sensitive were the papers Santos presumably handled? The FBI noted Clinton periodically received the Presidential Daily Brief — a top-secret document prepared by the CIA and other US intelligence agencies — via the secure fax.

Yes it is true the maid probably doesn’t work for the FSB but this is the sort of mishandling of classified documents that has seen other people fined or jailed. More to the point if the (trusted) maid had access to the SCIF and its secure fax machine then who else did? As with the email server there’s no smoking gun evidence that foreign nations took advantage of this but if they didn’t probably the only reason why not is that they assumed it had to be a deliberate attempt to spread misinformation. Moreover the lack of evidence is no excuse. This is similar to why we prosecute drunken drivers no matter whether they actually cause an accident. Allowing a maid, who has no security clearance, no need to know etc. to enter a SCIF and print stuff out to take out of the SCIF destroys the whole point of a SCIF in the first place. To quote wikipedia’s definition of a “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility“:

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF; pronounced “skiff”) in United States military, national security/national defense and intelligence parlance, is an enclosed area within a building that is used to process Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) types of classified information.

SCI is usually only briefed, discussed, and stored in an accredited SCIF

Access to SCIFs is normally limited to those individuals with appropriate security clearances.[1] Non-cleared personnel in SCIF must be under the constant oversight of cleared personnel and all classified information and material removed from view in order to prevent unauthorized access to said information and material;[2] as part of this process, non-cleared personnel are also typically required to surrender all recording, photographic and other electronic media devices.[3] All of the activity and conversation inside is presumed restricted from public disclosure.

I’ve cooled my heels in corridors while other people have discussed things of import in a SCIF that I was not allowed to be in. I’ve helped track down the person who accidentally shared data that provably came from a SCIF. (That person wasn’t actually prosecuted but he could have been. The reason he wasn’t was that there was a clear failure of communication, howerv there was enough non-judicial sanctions going around that no one involved will ever do that again).

The fact that Clinton and her team were quiet willing to ignore these rules is yet a further example of how they put their own convenience and security ahead of that of their nation’s. IMHO that should disqualify her from holding any office higher than dogcatcher.