There are times when I despair of Her Majesty’s Government and wonder if it is deliberately trying to create an anti-Muslim backlash. And if so, why? In the last couple of weeks we have seen much evidence of a crackdown on the “far right” while, at the same time it appears to go soft on Muslims. This is not healthy.

We learned recently that in the UK making a video joking about Hitler is a Hate Crime.

The video that got Meechan in trouble was posted on Youtube in April 2016. It depicts his girlfriend’s dog, Buddha, responding to Meechan saying “want to gas the Jews?” over and over again. Meechan also positions the dog to be watching an Adolf Hitler rally on the computer, and to perform a Nazi salute. As Reason‘s Christian Britschgi reported earlier, Meechan claimed his sole intention was to troll his girlfriend, who was “always ranting and raving about how cute and adorable her wee dog is.”

“And so I thought I would turn him into the least cute thing I could think of, which is a Nazi,” said Meechan. “I’m not a racist by the way, I just really wanted to piss her off.”

One wonders whether videos of a dog watching the speeches of Stalin or Mao while dressed up in the appropriate uniforms would be considered a “Hate Crime”. Or barking enthusiastically when hearing the words “Starve the Ukraine” or “Kill the Kulaks”?

I’ll let this gentleman explain how stupid that prosecution was (via Samizdata):

Part of the problem are the “Hate Crime” laws and the fact that the police, border agents and the like seem to apply these laws to people they define as “far right” or traditionally religious while ignoring similar sorts of statements from people on the left and/or belonging to the “religion of peace”. Hence the reports in the BBC (and other places) that three foreign “far right” activists were blocked from entering the UK. The three were blocked in part because they produced leaflets such as the one above stating that “Allah is Gay, Allah is Trans etc.” [the fact that one of the refusal orders appears to be written by someone unclear on the spelling, grammar and capitalization rules of English is just “extra special”]

One wonders whether it would be a hate crime to state that about other deities. Would “Buddha is Gay” be considered offensive? how about the onomatopoeic “Lakshmi is a Lesbian” or “Morrigan is a Muff Diver”? I’d be curious to know We know that “Jesus is Gay” is considered perfectly OK and that mocking Jews is also quite permissable so “Solomon was a Sodomite” or “Moses was a Pedo” would at most cause a lifted eyebrow and a request to prove the claim. On the other hand we know that “Mohammed was a Child Molester” is also not OK (the link refers to Australia, but I bet something similar would happen in the UK), even though it appears to be literally true.

For some reason the Religion of Peace gets protection by the secular British state (and the Australian one and probably the states of many other developed nations) that other religions don’t get. This appears to be because its adherents:

  1. are generally brown skinned
  2. have backers with lots of money
  3. riot at the drop of a hat if they think they have been insulted

This also gets them a pass when they make, say, anti-semitic or homophobic comments and as I noted before there is the Telford grooming scandal (and the previous ones in Oxford, Rochdale etc.) where the victims were “the wrong kind of girls” and the authorities are paralyzed by fears of being perceived racist so they don’t act on even detailed evidence of wrong-doing for years.

In a similar vein, as Douglas Murray comments in the Spectator, it is, apparently, perfectly fine to sneak into the UK in the back of a lorry and then, when caught, admit to having been an ISIS fighter in the Middle East. In that case you get put into a foster home and everything is perfectly fine until you take offense at something and try to blow up an Underground train. It occurs to me that the following meme may be a hate crime in the UK:

I wonder if I’d get a longer sentence for that meme than the would-be bomber gets (he’ll be sentenced as I publish this post)

PS In re the dog, this tweet sums it up: