The UK will have a general election on June 8, just a couple of weeks short of the first anniversary of the Brexit vote. This is a bit of a surprise given that the Prime Minister had sounded pretty firm about not having one as recently as a few weeks ago, however one assumes she can read the polls as well as anyone else and isn’t stupid enough to ignore the fact that they all show her getting a massively increased majority given the disarray of the various opposition parties.

What is interesting is that the “Poison Dwarf“, Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, is coming out so strongly against it.

Nicola Sturgeon has described Theresa May’s plans for a snap general election as a “huge political miscalculation”.

I suspect Ms Sturgeon is correct, it is a political miscalculation. However the strength of the reaction suggests to me that the person doing the miscalcucation is not the Prime Minister but the leader of the SNP. In other words Ms Sturgeon had a plan to bitch and moan about not having a second Scottish independence referendum and about Brexit for the next couple of years secure in the knowledge that she’d be able to make capital out of being ignored. Now she’s got 6 weeks to put up or shut up and one suspects she doesn’t appreciate being put on the spot quite so soon.

I’m sure that Mrs May is primarily focused on the situation south of the border but I doubt she ignored Scotland. I expect she’ll have looked at the arguments there too and decided that she’ll be able to spin pretty much anything short of a 100% clean sweep by the SNP as a failure. There are a bunch of things I dislike about Mrs May but I have no doubt she’s extremely good at political calculus and tactics. My feeling is that Ms Sturgeon knows that too and knows she’s just been put on the spot and – almost as a sideswipe to the main action – is going to lose.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer poison dwarf