Based on the various reports that it was the Anthony Weiner sexting investigation that has brought Hilliary Clinton’s emails back in the spotlight, perhaps we all owe Mr Weiner a vote of thanks. After all if he weren’t facing charges that could include pedophilia and hence the subject of an investigation the computer he shared with his ex would not have been seized and searched by the FBI.

We are of course speculating here, however, given that the NY Times reports that there are tens of thousands of emails, the case for improper handling of classified information by someone (HRC, her 金魚のうんこ Huma Abedin or both) is almost certainly proven. As I wrote in my earlier article about her email:

It was unbelievably stupid and incredibly risky. I flat out don’t believe she and/or her advisors weren’t explicitly told not to do this and if they didn’t realize how dangerous it was they are, ipso facto, unqualified for any position of responsibility because of their lack of intelligence and inability to take expert advice.

Clinton and Abedin both signed statements that they had been trained on classified information handling. Storing classified emails on a computer shared with someone else is, by definition, not handling classified information correctly and since it seems the emails got there via a address anyone who sent an email with classified information to Abedin’s email account was in violation of the law too.

I get that people think the US government classifies too much stuff and they may have a point but a foreign spy (or spy agency) would like ANY email between a President and his Secretary of State on almost any topic that wasn’t entirely trivial. Indeed, given that Obama ahs exercised executive privilege to stop those emails being released, it seems clear that in principle he gets that they are sensitive.

In fact this episode proves that some of the regulations regarding classified information are valid and that violating them is against the national interest. And as noted before the fact the Clinton and her underlings seemed happy to ride roughshod over those regs is a clear indication that they put their own interests before those of their country.

Personally I consider this to be an exceedingly bad trait in a politician and, IMHO, it should be discouraged forcefully when discovered “pour encourager les autres”