The minor event that is SJWcon is coming to a close as I write this and, so far as I can tell from reports on social media, it is ending with a whimper and not a bang. While various people said they would protest and counter protest and those statements caused a certain amount of consternation, in fact the grand total of both sets was maybe three dozen.

The panels on their riveting topics of wokeness and whether or not disabled people would survive in a post-apocalyptic world (quick answer: they wouldn’t and that’s problematic) appear to have been held in rooms of inappropriate size – either too big or too small for the number of attendees – and as I write this the Hugos are busy virtue-signaling to an audience of scores by awarding pretty much every single one to women and/or minorities. It is hard to judge numbers without being there (and I’m a few thousand miles away) but one gets the feeling that the con has no more than a couple of thousand attendees. Certainly the number of people who could be bothered to vote for a Hugo is way down from 2015 – under 50% in big categories like “Best Novel” more like 20% in the Best Editor ones.

Meanwhile one of said women and/or minorities posted her feelings on twatter about “Nazi idiots”

Listen up, Nazi idiots:

1. Science fiction is progressive, always has been and always will be

2. If you’re so superior start your own event and it will obviously outshine Worldcon, right?

3. Try reading books instead of burning them, you goosestepping morons

I’m assuming that she* is referring to people she considered to be “conservative” or “libertarian” here which is ironic because about everything she writes could refer to the SJWs. As she says SF is progressive. Literally that implies it wants progress to, for example, the stars or in general to a better future. There’s lots of non-SJW sorts who write lots of bestselling books about space exploration in a whole variety of different contexts. On the other hand the SJWs worry about “The Racist Language of Space Exploration” and how Space Exploration would be bad:

Earning money in space is an exciting prospect for a far-right, pro-business, anti-regulation politician like Cruz, and he explicitly associated it with European countries having colonized the Americas. Starting in the late 1400s, Great Britain, Spain, and Portugal funded missions to the Americas in order to gather natural resources that would power up their economies. By stealing the land that made this resource extraction possible, colonizers used genocide, enslavement, biological weaponry, and warfare and that resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of indigenous people living in the “New World.” The concept of race, and therefore racism, was invented as a way of justifying their violence and legitimizing a hierarchy of race-divided labor.

Based off of what we know right now, the Moon and Mars are devoid of life, so this colonizing language is not actually putting other beings at risk. But, there is the risk that the same racist mythology used to justify violence and inequality on earth — such as the use of frontier, “cowboy” mythology to condone and promote the murder and displacement of indigenous people in the American West — will be used to justify missions to space. In a future where humans potentially do live on non-earth planets, that same racist mythology would carry through to who is allowed to exist on, and benefit from, extraterrestrial spaces.

As regards starting one’s own con. It is notable that Dragon*Con, which now has its own Dragon awards to compete with the Hugos, gets at least 50,000 people to show up in Atlanta every year. Libertycon (which has a hard cap of 750 memberships) sold out in under six hours for next year and the resulting sadness means that yes, in fact people are looking at alternatives. I’m fairly sure that if one is organized well it will easily get a few thousand attendees and I suspect that in the next year or two such thing will come to pass – actually I strongly suspect there will be at least two: one in the Eastern US and one in the West. OTOH Wiscon, which occurs at about the same time of year and is capped at 1000 has yet to sell out. Moreover one can’t help but note how long time attendees at WorldCon such as Mike Resnick decided not to show up (which was a tad embarrassing since he was listed in the program as being on some panels).

Finally the side that seems most keen to ban, if not burn, books are the SJW left where they appear to care more about the diversity points in the author than the quality of his or her work. They are the ones who want authors from Mark Twain to Heinlein banned (or at best bowdlerized) because they use words that are insulting or express philosophies that are contrary to current wokeness. The conservatives and libertarians are simply seeking a broader choice because they find the “progressive” message fiction to be boring and unreadable. They are, as it were, pro-Choice. Fortunately so far, thanks to Amazon and Indie publishing, they have that choice and they aren’t bothering to read the limited options that traditional publishing thinks are suitable.

There is, also, absolutely no doubt that the side that has made living authors lives a real hell is the SJW one. They talk about “punching up” and so on but they abet scum like “requires hate” aka Benjanun Sriduangkaew aka Venesa Burranupakorn who made a misery of very many other SJW sorts (and even more people who were sympathetic to their general politics).

In summary I’d suggest to Ms Valente, and those of her sort, that they remove the beam from their own eyes before removing the mote in the eye of the “Nazis”

PS. This cartoon strip sums up the whole thing really really well

*well I also assume she’s still she if you know what I mean