Various people, the Instapundit and being two obvious ones, have repeatedly pointed out that more and more occupations require more and more costly and generally pointless mandatory training programs leading to state licensing. Hairdressing and related beauty/grooming treatments are a common source of examples of this sort of needless over-regulation because they are the sort of thing that almost anyone can do with very little training and where, in practice, the majority of business comes by word of mouth so reputation for providing a quality result tends to keep out the unqualified anyway.

Today my attention was drawn to Arizona and the Bansturbators of the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. These petty jobsworths heard that a young trainee hairdresser was offering free haircuts to homeless people in Tucson and decided that this kind of charitable offer was completely unacceptable. Not only was the young trainee not fully qualified, he was giving the haircuts outdoors in the open air! Good heavens what was he thinking? Lock up your daughters! shade the eyes of your pearl-clutching women lest they see the snip-snip of scissors near the unwashed neck of a homeless person hanging out in the middle of Tucson! !!!!111eleventy!!!!

Donna Aune, the board’s executive director, declined to comment to KOLD, saying the investigation into whether he broke the law is ongoing.

Indeed, state law (ARS 32-574) says a person who cuts hair has to be licensed and has to work inside a licensed salon, though it seems they can, at a customer’s request, go to a hospital, nursing home or the home of a person who is ill or disabled.

Aune told the TV station that having an unlicensed person cut hair or getting a haircut outside of a licensed salon poses a “real risk.”

More so, I wonder, than living on the streets?

Montesdeoca told KOLD he wasn’t aware that what he was doing was illegal. Now, he’s fearful he may lose his career in cosmetology.

Fortunately there’s likely to be a bit of good news in this case. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey heard about the situation and told the bansturbators to stop bansturbating.

Gov Ducey’s Letter to the Az Cosmetology Board telling then to quit bugging Juan Carlos Montesdeoca

His letter is a lot politer than mine would be.

There is no word on whether the board have taken their governors wishes on board but given the publicity this case is getting in Arizona one suspects that these bureaucratic cockroaches are going to scurry for cover for now.

However that’s really not enough. I do wonder whether the Arizona legislature might want to consider a bit of deregulation in this area. Perhaps they might repeal ARS 32-574 and no longer require would be barbers, hairstylists and beauticians in the state of Arizona from being forced to get a license from Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. In fact maybe they’d like to remove all funding from said board and the parasites that are employed by it. Maybe then the board members will appreciate the ability to receive a haircut for free from some charitable individual.