I’m far from alone in noting that the grievance studies departments in modern universities and the various related SJW activists see Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual rather than a warning. Today we see a wonderful example of them implementing NewSpeak, convicting based on ThoughtCrime and so on.

The example is Science Fiction’s WorldCon deciding to preemptively ban a would-be attendee:

Worldcon 76 has chosen to reduce Jonathan Del Arroz’s membership status from attending to supporting. He will not be allowed to attend the convention in person. Mr. Del Arroz’s supporting membership preserves his rights to participate in the Hugo Awards nomination and voting process. He was informed earlier today of our decision via email.

We have taken this step because he has made it clear that he fully intends to break our code of conduct. We take that seriously. Worldcon 76 strives to be an inclusive place in fandom, as difficult as that can be, and racist and bullying behavior is not acceptable at our Worldcon. This expulsion is one step towards eliminating such behavior and was not taken lightly. The senior staff and board are in agreement about the decision and it is final. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to share them via email to [email protected]

There is much to critique in this two paragraph announcement but I think the most obvious one is the bit about being “inclusive”. Inclusiveness in this case apparently being attained through the process of excluding someone.

Likewise banning Mr Del Arroz before he has actually attended the event looks like bullying and, since he is of Hispanic origin, possibly also racist. Indeed one can take a look at the San Jose WorldCon code of conduct and it’s primary rule – “Don’t be a d*ck” – and think that in this case Worldcon is acting against its own code of conduct (something strengthened by the code of conduct’s strong anti-harassment section – preemptive banning looks like harassment to me).

Inclusion through exclusion, fighting bullying by bullying and combating racism by discriminating against a racial minority, Big Brother would be so proud.

Indeed, given that in the past WorldCons have been leery of banning known pedophiles (see the Breendoggle controversy), you might think Mr Del Arroz is some kind of notoriously evil pervert. A kind of wicked mastermind who will corrupt the innocent, commit heinous crimes against others, and generally lower the tone of the event to that of a drug fuelled orgy where amoral powerful men will take advantage of womyn who seek to get ahead by giving head (oh wait that’s a different bit of Silicon Valley culture).

So who is the unspeakably wicked Jon Del Arroz that poor WorldCon attendees need to be protected from? He’s a fairly minor SF author who has come out the closet as a conservative and, having come out, has seen a number of former friends and business partners decide that they would prefer not be associated with someone holding such despicable views. He does seem to lean somewhat 4channy, is sympathetic to the very naughty Vox Day, and is behind the “Happy Frogs” website and associated Ribbit awards but nothing there seems to rise much above the level of mockery and trolling. All in all it seems rather hard to see quite why he is such a threat to the SF establishment that he needs to be cast into outer darkness with such publicity.

I suspect that Mr Del Arroz is going to do a good job of leveraging this ban to get higher visibility for himself and his projects while WorldCon will circle the SJWagons and demonstrate just how tone deaf they are to people who aren’t part of their inside clique. In fact this banning suggests that in addition to their unawareness of irony, the SJ WorldCon people appear to be unaware of the Streisand effect and how it works. Mind you given what I hear about their organizational ability (coff hotel rooms coff), which seems to be about at the level of being barely able to manage a pissup in a brewery, and general cluelessness this is not a huge surprise and I predict that this WorldCon will successfully continue the decline of WorldCon into utter irrelevancy.

With luck they’ll drag the rest of the SJW bigots down with them


And the story gets odder (and sadly people seem to be deleting things so all I have are fragmentary screencaps). Apparently Mr Del Arroz stated a couple of months ago that he felt he had received threats by some expected WorldCon attendees so, after they banned him they asked him to provide documentation of the threats because his failure to enunciate why he felt threatened was sign of his evilness or something