As everyone and his dog knows, some loser shot up a school in Florida last week. “Spontaneously” all sorts of beautifully designed websites with associated gofundmes have sprung up filled with literate passionate prose (if few concrete proposals) and pleas to march, protest and otherwise signal that people #care about #notonemorelife. Twatter and Fecesbook are filled with memes about how the second amendment is obsolete, how Australia managed to get guns banned etc.

One suspects that the gun control crowd are trying to implement Rahm Emanuel’s famous saying:

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

The problem for them is that the astroturf roots are showing and so many don’t believe them. Worse, they aren’t proposing solutions that resolve the problem. As Yes Prime Minister explained so well 30 some years ago, they are victims of “politicians logic”:

  1. Something must be done
  2. This is something
  3. Therefore we must do this

Especially when the proposed solutions are so simplistic and obviously wrong (and even the Washington Post agrees), it should come as no surprise that many of those who are not instinctive hoplophobes, not just gunowners but regular people who can think, are against the proposals and even more against being guilt-tripped into supporting the passing of such laws.

This leads me to wonder what the motives for the organizers of these various campaigns are. In some ways I hope that it is mostly a way to separate gullible do-gooders and virtue signallers from their money (the gofundme I linked to above had raised over $1.1Million when I looked at) but I fear that the motives are not so straightforward. Given what we know about Russia I’m going to bet that at least some of the meme-generators and organizers are working to disrupt the US and some others are clearly just deluded fools who live in a world that isn’t this one but I don’t think they are all of the campaigners.

Are the rest the same people who did “Antifa” and BLM and similar SJW lunacies? The only thing I can think of is that they are hoping to (re)set the agenda so that gun ownership becomes as vilified as tobacco smoking and I don’t think they get the difference. What really concerns me is that they may not realize just how sick and tired much of “flyover country” is of being lectured that they are deplorables and that their beliefs in God, country, and the constitution are wrong.

Are these people deliberately trying to split the USA? And if so, why? Because there doesn’t seem to be a good reason to so loudly propose measures that are unpopular, won’t work and would, if implemented, almost certainly lead to a lot of violence as gun owners refuse to peacefully hand over their firearms. The only slight good news is that in these days of 4chan and “weaponized autism” the instigators aren’t as anonymous as they might like. They might want to think about the possible consequences of that.