I know various people who live in Avalon (a.k.a. Gastonbury and the surrounding area of England). Recently their lives have been disturbed by things rather more concrete than watery tarts distributing swords to would-be monarchs. The disturbances have tended to surround a certain Jonathan Roper and the result has been a general tarnishing of the ambiance.

Perhaps the spiritual atmosphere will now recover because Mr Roper has had a rather closer encounter with the stabby part of a something than he wanted and is now no longer animate. He has snuffed it, kicked the bucket, gone to meet his maker, and generally made an application to join the choir celestial.

That latter is likely to be rejected and he seems more likely to be accepted for a post (custom fitted) in the endless fires. However the BBC report on his demise claims

A tribute released by Mr Roper’s family said: “Jonathan was a devoted family man much loved by his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.”

Det Ch Insp James Riccio said: “We’re continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding Jonathan’s death and our thoughts are very much with his family at this distressing time.

“We fully appreciate this incident has shocked local residents and are aware it will deeply affect those who knew Jonathan.”

This is ironic because, so far as I can tell, for most of “those who knew Jonathon” the deep affect is that of relief tinged with a certain amount of “and I hope he died slowly in pain”. This is because Mr Roper was a thug and petty criminal.

He stole cement mixers (and claimed he had no idea what he was doing was theft)

He stole booze from local shops (but it woz society to blame ‘cos they cut his girlfriend’s unemployment benefits)

He told a policewomen to “kiss his arse” (and bared it to make this easier for her)

And a search of local media shows a number of other arrests for criminal behaviors of one sort or another. To quote one person who saw the police statement above

“The police are maintaining a high profile to reassure the public”, apparently. As I live less than half a mile from where this all happened, I’m more reassured by the fact that the area is well rid of such a ‘much loved’ person.

And others suggested that much stress and agro would have been avoided had the police maintained a high profile in the vicinity of Mr Roper in the past few years. No one has yet suggested (where I can see it) a whip-round to make a donation to his killer – possibly because his killer is likely to be another bit of local pond scum – but I have seen sarcastic suggestions that his death was all a misunderstanding about a group hug and where you hold the knives while hugging.

All in all this “devoted father” who was “much loved” by his family turns out to not be anything but loved by the unfortunate community in which he resided. In fact I think it is fair to say that the community is rather unimpressed with all the platitudes floating his way and would have preferred it if the police and other parts of the establishment spent a bit less time and effort worrying about the friends and relatives of this “devoted father” and a bit more into preventing his friends and relatives from continuing in his footsteps and arresting them if they do.

Of course given the Plod seem to treat shoplifting and burglary as below their notice and prefer to concentrate their time on policing socual media that probably isn’t going to happen