Over on Tw*tter some person called Sarah Gailey, who has a blue check mark and is a Hugo award winning author apparently, posted a string of tweets regarding the Andy Ngo “Milkshaking” event. She’s deleted them now, but not before people archived the thread and screen capped it


Apart from the fact that Mr Ngo was in fact struck by things other than milkshake – videos show at least one rock, not to mention statements from the Portland police about cement being in the “milkshake” – what struck me was the last two words in the third tweet

Literal Genocide

As I noted on twitter, either Trump and the media are conspiring to hide things from us or Gailey literally doesn’t understand the meaning of the word literal, the word genocide or both.

Let me expand on that a bit. The only things rising towards the level of genocide that I am aware of today are the treatment of the Uighurs by the PRC and the Rohingya in Myanmar – and the latter is more correctly described as “ethnic cleansing” since the Myanmar authorities are not killing them is much as driving them across the border into Bangladesh. I assume that in Chinese and Burmese social media there are people advocating for a more “final solution” to those ethnic disputes but I rather doubt Ms Gailey is enough of an Asian scholar to be aware of such activism.

The only people in the US (or indeed in the West as a whole) advocating anything close to genocide today appear to be CAIR, supporters of Hamas and the like, members of the British Labor Party and other anti-semites. Somehow I don’t think that’s the kind of genocide she is referring to, because if it is the people she should be worried about are her Anti-fa buddies and their close allies.

I’ve seen some people on the right claim that abortion is genocide of African Americans. That is, IMHO, overheated rhetoric but it does seem to be the case that abortions in the US are proportionately higher amongst African Americans than other sorts of American. Something tells me that, as with the anti-semitism bit, this is also not what she is referring to.

The treatment of native Americans on reservations is a scandal in many ways and said native Americans do live in appalling poverty and squalor and so on. But no one is actually proposing lining them up and killing them or even proposing to give them blankets with smallpox or anything else. So that’s not genocide.

What other racial issues are there that might be genocide? Well the discrimination by major universities such as Harvard against certain racial groups such as Asians is certainly racist and the sort of thing that there are supposed to be laws about, but failure to get into an Ivy League university is not a life-threatening event, so that doesn’t count.

Since Ms Gailey appears to be hardcore woke it seems almost certain that what she is referring to as “genocide” are the attempts by the Trump administration to stop illegal immigration into the US. Maybe I’m missing the part of the Trumpian conspiracy where they plan to round up and execute all current illegal immigrants and to build a barrier like the Korean DMZ where anyone who attempts to cross is blown up by mines and then shot. None of the actual Trumpian proposals that I am aware of amount to intentions to kill anyone, let alone to cause mass murder. This is a bit of a conundrum as the base requirement for genocide is that many thousands if not millions of people have to actually be killed.

So in fact it isn’t genocide.

Which means that “literal genocide” is literally an exaggeration and Sarah Gailey is a literal illustration of the low literary quality of recent Hugo-award winning fiction.