I admit I’m going out on a limb here, but somehow the recent set of letterbombs sent to CNN and various Democratic pols seem, how can I put it? questionable.

As people noted on social media the CNN “bomb” isn’t very convincing. Here’s part of one example:

[H]ow did this relatively intact device make it out of the package and on the counter of what appears to be a break room next to some household container items and photographed before the police or FBI or ATF or the Great Pumpkin or whomever got to it?

4. The device looks suspicious, to be sure. So by the fact that this was photographed (probably by a smart phone operated by a not-so-smart owner) and sent out on social media before the police arrived indicative of how STOOOOPID the employee workforce at CNN and mainstream media is? “Oh look, Madge, someone sent us a cute device that looks like a bomb–it even has a little electronic timer! Should I shake it and see what happens?”

5. I will not get into the specifics of homemade explosive devices, for obvious reasons, but according to the reports, the ingredients used and judging from the pictures, these were built by rank amateurs.

And talking of that last point. The lads at 4chan have figured out that the scary digital watch doesn’t actually have an alarm and has a number of other flaws. Also various people have noted that the “ISIS” flag looks to be more like Larry the Cable Guy. I read elsewhere that at least some of the other “bomb”s were identical to that one (lost the link sorry).

All this means that hyperventilation like this below seems a bit OTT:

On this day in American history…the most extensive plot to kill senior US government officials and prominent Americans in history took place. It targeted two former presidents, their families, a former Secretary of State, a former head of the CIA, senior members of Congress…
…a leading media organization & one of America’s most distinguished philanthropists. It involved the coordinated distribution of deadly explosive devices across the country and was only foiled through the intervention of America’s top law enforcement agencies.
Nothing on this scale or level had ever been attempted before. The motive was apparently political with the objective apparently being snuffing out the leading spokespeople for the views of the Democratic Party. As such it was not just an attack on senior individuals…
…but it was also an attack on democracy itself.

Apart from the fact that none of the targets appear to have been current “government officials,” the most extensive plot was 17 years 1 month and 2 weeks ago on 11 Sept 2001. If the fourth plane (flight 93) had not been stopped either the whitehouse or congress would have been a smoking crater. Unlike 9/11, and making the assumption that the “bomb”s were supposed to be real, this would not have killed anyone other than the poor schmuck opening the boss people’s mail. That is so obvious that the fact that there seems to be a coordinated set of NPCs people having the vapors about how it would decapitate the Democratic Party is in itself highly suspicious. If you then recall all the numerous “hate crimes” that turn out to have been fakes created by their alleged victims and note what political persuasion they all are then things really begin to stink.

To me this, along with the “migrant caravan” look like desperate attempts by the Democrats and their media/Deep State allies to get votes for their candidates. And just like the caravan and the Kavanaugh hearings it seems likely to boomerang back on them in the best Wiley Coyote/Acme fashion. Not enough people unquestioningly believe all they read in the newspapers or watch on TV in these days of #FakeNews. The MSM have lost a lot of credibility and they don’t help themselves with ads like this:

As with the bombs the comment that comes to mind when I see this is “Pull the other one, it’s got bells on”