One of the things that most marks out the SJW sort is their utter inability to tolerate an argument. If they say something (or more usually somebody) is bad then they have absolutely no interest in listening to people explain why that thing/person is not in fact bad. Instead they shout that the explainer(s) are ****ISTs ***PHOBEs etc. and that this conversation makes them feel unsafe.

Now I have no idea who Jaym Gates is. It (note gender neutral pronoun) seems to be some kind of SF SJW gadfly. More specifically one that is clearly unaware of the word “irony”since it seems to be proud in bullying conventions to not invite white(ish) male authors, which sounds like bigotry to me. Anyway Jaym is merely the warm up act here. Charlotte Stormborn is more interesting case. Charlotte, or Cat, worked her way up from being a humble volunteer at Dragon*Con to becoming Fantasy Literature Fan Track Director. This role is moderately important as it has some say in panels, author invitations and the like.

Fortunately – unlike Origins – Dragon*Con has not swallowed the SJW Koolaid and thus does not subscribe to Newspeak and concepts like “inclusivity through exclusivity”. Hence Cat appears to have been resigned from her position. She wrote a long farewell piece explaining that action and demonstrating (as if the tweet above did not) that she is indeed a SJW NewSpeaker. I think the key sentences are these:

While I do not regret, for one second, standing up to any person who, through their stories, statements, or behavior, threatens this community—or who, out of self-preservation, chooses not to see injustice and abuse—there are ways I might have done so without grabbing for low-hanging fruit.

Dragon Con strives to be apolitical. Perhaps that’s admirable (and perhaps it isn’t? I truly don’t know), but it strikes me that the most bombastic champions of this position are the ones most incensed by social justice, a phrase they sneer as a term of derision and ridicule.

I believe that Dragon Con’s heart is in the right place. I really do. They made it clear to me that they have no compunction with the fundamental nature of my values; that they welcome strong opinions among their track directors; and that they share a desire to create a diverse and safe environment.

They want everyone to have a seat at the table. Unfortunately, they also want everyone to have a seat at the table. And a table that seats abusers beside their abused is not, in fact, a table for all: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

That said: I will have no compunctions about severing ties with individuals who asked to use my microphone just long enough to choke me with the cord.

Lets read between the lines here a bit “without grabbing for low-hanging fruit” is, I suspect, a sign that she jumped on a bandwagon to disinvite someone and then found that Dragon*Con wanted that person because he (I’m going to speculate that this hypothetical individual is of the male persuasion) has thousands of fans and would be a major draw to D*C. I’m going to also take a wild guess that this hypothetical individual has been at D*C before, probably many times, and no one has ever said a peep beforehand. Hence when we get further down and read “a table that seats abusers beside their abused” what you have to realize is that the abuse is almost certainly of the form of being massively more successful as an author and probably reacting in pithy anglo-saxon when accused of having some combination of

bigoted, homophobic, trans-phobic, racist, ableist, or misogynistic points of view.

(That quote comes from an earlier FB post by Cat which does much virtue signaling using SJW buzzwords)

In other words people say things that are Politically Incorrect and point out facts (e.g. white male bestselling author tells a better story that more people want to read than Genderfluid PoC author). Rather than muster arguments against such “heresy” the SJW crowd would prefer to have those people removed for their “intolerance” (of SJW Bullshit). It’s enough to make one wish for a safe space

Although this particular safe space might result in SJW types becoming

Talking of Origins and “We’re not listening”, Larry Correia has an update.

Basically everyone who, like me, said Origins were wrong are big meanies who have made people upset by complaining, leaving rude messages on social media etc. Because apparently it is perfectly fine to disinvite someone based on hearsay but absolutely verboten to complain about that disinvitation.

Also Origins hopes the fuss has died down and that people will still come and that no one will pay any attention to those Correia fans who are proposing things like picketing the show to suggest that people not attend.

It seems to me that the worm is turning. People are (and there’ll be a more European political post on this) less and less inclined to believe/say/do what their “betters” tell them to because the more their so-called “betters” virtue-signal on social media, the more people realize they aren’t in fact their “betters” and in fact they should be fought against. #resistance as it were.