the left wouldn’t have any. Also – and this will no doubt be a shock to nobody – they are a bunch of humorless crybabies. The cartoon used to illustrate this post has, apparently, caused some of them to become even more unhinged and write whiny letters of complaint to the various newspapers that published it.

These complains also illustrate perfectly their lack of standards. Extremely unfunny cartoons mocking the Tea Party were “free speech” as were ones mocking nuns, Christians, gun-owners, President Bush (and Trump) etc. were widely shared, praised and so on and even mild complaints about how the ‘joke’ in questions was in poor taste were rejected as being irrelevant due to the first amendment, the privilege of the complainer, the requirement that art afflict the comfortable and, if they understood French “pour épater la bourgeoisie”. All of this of course was said without irony or the understanding that the sneering classes of the left are in fact the comfortable bourgeoisie of the early 21st century.

However the ranting and raving since November 2016 is reaching a point where even people who are #NeverTrumpers are getting sick of it. I noted the Obama vs Trump hypocrisy before but it is getting worse and worse. A friend of mine put it like this:*

I just can’t believe I live in a world with people who shrug at a secret presidential deal with a terrorist nation actively pursuing a nuclear weapon where the details are kept from the Congress and the American Public and involve, among other things, transferring billions – and over one billion of it in actual paper notes – to this rogue regime, but are apocalyptic over an executive order halting immigration from seven terrorist connected countries for four months.

As I wrote earlier there are an awful lot of people who are saying “I didn’t vote for him but”. A lot of people are suspicious of President Trump and some of his more controversial advisors such as Steve Bannon, but who are not impressed with blanket name calling of them as “fascists” or “anti-semites”, particularly when evidence strongly suggests that they are anything but anti-semitic.

Take the immigration order. There’s a lot of genuine criticism that can be laid against it: it was poorly worded, lacked appropriate implementation guidance, needlessly included groups such as greencard holders and so on, yet the complaints about it are insane and incorrect. It doesn’t ban immigration, muslims or refugees in perpetuity as seems to be claimed. In fact it does very little and, arguably, it should do more but that is absolutely not the impression one gets from the MSM. And then said MSM get upset at the idea of their tag of “fake news” being applied against them. I think it is the combination of their arrogant certainty in their own reporting combined with the dismissal of alternate sources that is most irritating

Really. The phrase written by the only unelected dictator in Anglo-American history comes to mind

I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.

* He wrote it somewhere private so no link, also I modified it very slightly