So Trump won. As Larry Correia wrote on the book of faces earlier this is colon cancer winning against brain cancer. This is causing much anguish on the lefty side in America, as they contemplate just how awful Trump is reported to be, but they – and Clinton – bear a good deal of blame for it. Various DNC/Podesta emails suggest that they actively wanted Trump as their Republican opponent instead of, say Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Well they got their wish, in part by having a lot of registered democrats cross over to vote in the Republican primaries

They also raised an unbelievable $1.3 Billion in campaign funds. Trump (and the Republicans generally) raised about 60% of that ($795 Million) and of that 60% Trump personally raised about a third.

The Clinton campaign also rigged the Democratic primaries with DNC collusion to ensure that Clinton saw off her opposition.

But despite rigging the primary, picking the preferred opponent, and outspending him, Clinton was such an unpleasant untrustworthy prospect that she lost. When you add in the fact that the MSM in general, as well as the establishment in various forms, pollsters and almost everyone else who could have influence also supported her, that really says something.

Personally I think it’s actually a sign of a healthy democracy. But it’s also a sign of just how bad a candidate she was and hence that she is in fact probably the biggest loser in American political history