like a woman whose beloved husband has been scorned. In this case the woman is Her Imperial Majesty Bridget I, Empress of Yard Moose Mountain, Interdimensional Lady of Hate and wife of the author Larry Correia (and mother of four – this latter will become important later)

Origins is (was?) a gaming fair in Columbus Ohio that had invited Mr Correia to be one of its Guests of Honor this year. Then some SJW types got their knickers in a twist and claimed they felt “unsafe” etc. to have him be there. So they complained

[Aside:  the last line does make this cynic want channel George Bernard Shaw and say “If you have any friends, that is”.]

The same rather pale (at least she looks about the same shade as Talcum X) person also twitted this:

This tweet did fortunately allow people to understand why she had a hurtz. It seems her fiance once wrote something particularly idiotic with regard to a different gaming convention (GenCon) and Larry Correia fisked it in his typical take no prisoners style.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, Origins immediately recanted from their accidental invitation of a heretic and recended [sic] their invitation.

[Again the cynic notes the amusing spelling of rescind as recend]

Subsequently various graphics, such as the GOH list (see top image on this post) changed and in good Stalinite airbrush style mentions of his story in their book also started to disappear

And no doubt they thought about doing the same to the book itself, although that might be ‘problematic’ in that I suspect they’ve already printed a few thousand

Needless to say there’s been a bit of a backlash (of which this article is just one).

First their various facebook posts and pages got piled on and so they got pulled after seeing their rating drop to as close to 1* as possible.

A lot of people posted on twitter to show their displeasure. Their Yelp page has a lot of new reviews too as does their google maps entry and none of them are positive. Letters have been written to the organizers and officials at their parent organization (The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) – such as Stephan Brissaud – President, [email protected]; Marie Poole– Vice President, [email protected]; Aaron Witten – Treasurer, [email protected]; Brian Dalrymple – Secretary,[email protected]).

I’m sure some of the letters have been rude and simple but some aren’t:

I was looking forward to attending Origins this year as a part of my vacation looking into possible gaming conventions to include as part of my work schedule. I currently have GenCon, DragonCon, MetroCon and MegaCon as part of my summer schedule when it is a bit too warm to work renaissance festivals for this old disabled body.

It is a shame that you have took the lies and slander of a very vocal few who dislike Mr Correia due to the simple fact that he dares to be conservative in his political views and is a vocal proponent of our constitutional rights.

I have met Larry, as well as his family. The majority of which are not even able to use their real names on social media due to the threats laid by these same folks who lay “hate” and “racism” allegations at the feet of Mr Correia. It would be very easy to see that these charges are total fabrications with the simplest of searches or even contact with the author himself.

Needless to say, I will be striking Origins from my list of conventions to visit, let alone to apply to vend at, as I feel it is no longer an inclusive nor safe environment. I know that one attendee or vendor is just a drop in the hat for you, but if my message is heard it will be worth it.

Thank you.

And this from author Jason Cordova

Dear Sir,

It recently came to my attention that NYT bestselling author Larry Correia had been uninvited from your convention following an outcry from a few malcontents.

I can attest from personal experience of attending cons with Mr. Correia that, not only is he a gracious guest who loves interacting with all types of fans, is a huge gaming nerd who fits in with the stated mission and goals of Origins according to the website. This attack on his character is nothing more than a witch hunt, very similar to the one which was used on Mr. Correia’s coauthor, John Ringo, a few weeks prior at another convention.

Mr. Correia had always shown grace, been polite, and worked with the concom of every convention he has attended. Those who seek to discredit and destroy him are abusing the rules of your convention in a manner which they were not meant for and raising enough of an outcry that your convention, undoubtedly, feels compelled to respond to. Unfortunately, instead of speaking with Mr. Correia, it appears that you have reacted in a manner which can only be described as “knee-jerk”. You have allowed concern trolls to dictate your guest list while alienating you from a fan base which both pays to see their favorite author and supports other commercial endeavors at conventions as well.

Conventions such as Origins are supposed to be for all fans. However, with outward appearance of appeasement to the vocal minority who seek to undermine all of Mr. Correia’s hard work as well as alienate his fan base from any future conventions you might host, it behooves me to suggest that you are hurting nobody but yourselves with this move.

While I am not as big of a “name” as Mr. Correia, I still have developed quite a following as well, and I have already let my readers know that Origins is not a convention that I will consider in the future. Which is a shame, because literary and gaming are two of my biggest draws.

I do hope that you consider the ramifications of appeasement in your future endeavors. I understand that Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried your tactic as well, and history showed just how poorly it worked out.


Jason Cordova

Interestingly people have posted some insider details on the show. Apparently it was already in trouble before decided to “Get Woke and Go Broke”.

It gets even better if you know the whole extent of the problems with origins.

1: their attendance has been declining steadily. Not quickly, but consistent falloff.

2: They are losing tier 1 exhibitors. This year they lost Ninja Division. Asmodee (who have a whole track) is in the process of a private equity deal.

3: The fill rates on games has been going down in many tracks. When I started GMing games there, fill rate was in the high 70% range overall. [Now a top GM does] well with a rate in the 60% range last year.

4: There is more competition every year. Adepticon is growing. Pax Unplugged was stood up and has the sort of reach and money to grow FAST if it puts on good conventions.

5: Cost for their space is going up every year, as the convention center renovates and expands. There will come a point where it isn’t really worth it to buy space at what they need to charge.

6: The various gaming clubs that have been putting on games and providing content have been being frozen out if they aren’t large enough or partnered up with one or more GAMA members.

7: It’s been playing second fiddle to the GAMA tradeshow, and it is showing in every organizational aspect possible. They couldn’t get their event registration working reliably for almost 3 days after opening it this year.

In fact given Mr Correia’s large and vocal fan base, it seems likely that having him as GoH might well have helped reverse the declining attendance trend because there are many posts stating something along the lines of “When I heard Larry was going to be GoH I immediately started making plans to attend, now I’m not going to go”. It will be interesting to see the numbers but I’m guessing that this years numbers will now be down significantly from last year’s 17,000 unique attendees [Note: they claimed 17k was a record which does not jive with point 1 in the quote above. I suspect the difference is that the record number of attendees did not translate to record numbers staying and participating which is what the observer above would have based his count on]

It is also worth noting that even people who generally disagree with Mr Correia have said the invitation/rescinding was poorly handled

In this case Larry is taking it more philosophically:

So I’m no longer the writer guest of honor at origins. My invitation has been revoked. It was the usual nonsense. Right after I was announced as a guest some people started throwing a temper tantrum about my alleged racist/sexist/homophobic/whatever (of course, with zero proof or actual examples), and the guy in charge (John Ward) immediately folded. He didn’t even talk to me first. He just accepted the slander and gave me the boot in an email that talked about how “inclusive” they are. I actually heard about it on facebook before I even saw the email.

Oh well.

They did this to John Ringo at ConCarolinas a little while ago, and took a lesson from it. This is just another new way for bullies to target people who disagree with them. Throw a fit, make up some accusations, and cry about how you feel unsafe. Now that they know it works, it is just another tool in their tool box.

The one thing he is sad about is this:

I’m really sorry for any fans who were planning on seeing me at Origins. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you at some other event.

For me personally, meh. I go to enough events. I’ll just do something else fun that weekend.

The saddest person in all of this is my son, who was my plus one. He was looking forward to playing a bunch of games, and then we were going to go to the zoo on Sunday. (they have manatees there!).

Something tells me this also fed into Mrs Correia’s anger. If you want to get involved you might also write to the organizers or write blog posts.

PS As many have noted this is clearly related to what happened to John Ringo (and Jon Del Arroz). At this point a con needs to suffer actual existence threatening consequences “pour encourager les autres” to grow a spine and some testicles