Ha Ha Ha.

Actually that is of course well known to be untrue. Many Germans do have a sense of humour, however SJWs and politicians, particularly politicians facing campaigns from populists, generally speaking do not.

Hence the way that “all right thinking people” in Germany have piled on the AfD and its various posters in this years federal election campaign. The one at the top of this post is less controversial than some, mocking the recent declarations that diesel cars should be phased out but others, such as this one with a cute little piglet, have caused so much controversy that they haven’t needed to be run anywhere other than the AfD facebook account for the message on them to get out

Sometimes the humour is more in the text on the associated Facebook page than the ‘poster’ itself.

For example the poster above about women jogging in areas with “Merkel guests” has a list of tips to avoid issues (English via FB translate):

9 Tips: what you need to observe now while jogging in Merkel-Germany! +++

Below you’ll find nine tips that you should take into account especially in the autumn of the autumn and in the early darkness. If you’re not active yourself, tag a friend to warn you about the threats. In any case share our post to spread these tips and support us!

Here are our tips for women and girls in Merkel-Germany:

1. Better not go jogging alone, but take a friend or a friend. Is the best way of forming a community.

2. The visit of a defence course is to be recommended in order not to be completely vulnerable to Merkel’s guests. At least one basic course should be completed, and will continue to run through green areas in German cities.

3. Curfews: various facilities in some municipalities of Germany are closed at different times due to attacks and acts of violence by merkel guests. This is the case, for example, in bad kreuznach, the constituency of the cdu– Julia Klöckner. Please note: Curfews also apply to those who have been living here for longer.

4. The carrying of pepper spray is recommended. Important: Legally, this can only be used for animal protection.

5. Now there are also for smart watches from different manufacturers, with which you can drop a distress call by pressing a key combination. If you don’t have a smartwatch, at least invite you to get a distress call on your smartphone.

6. Make sure your-phone is charged. Nothing is worse than an empty battery when you’re in an emergency situation!

The humour is dark and bitter (the same as the way I prefer my coffee) but it gets the point across. In fact one reason why the posters are so hated by the “right thinking people” is that the points they make are so hard to counter without sounding like a complete idiot. The tug boat one is a perfect reaction to Merkel’s Energiewende and all the various green idiocy that has beset the country and the jogger and pig ones likewise point out issues with the “Merkel guests”. There are plenty of other ones such as the one pointing out the way certain “Merkel guests” have gone on holiday back to the lands they “fled” from.

And then there’s this one. Which isn’t funny and which has been lambasted by all and sundry, but which makes a very very good point. The fact that Mrs Merkel is famously childless and that the baby in question is Mrs Petry’s fifth is (IMHO) just icing on the cake, but it was interesting that people used that point as a reason to lambaste the poster and thus remind people that the strongest statement about the future are children.

I haven’t seen all the competing posters but I note that Merkel’s CDU has very simple posters that say things like “For Security And Order”, which is rather ironic when one thinks about the reduction of security and order caused by the “Merkel guests”

AfD won’t win the election. They won’t come second. They may well come third, and that may well mean they are effectively the opposition because it seems likely that the CDU/CSU will have to continue in coalition with the SPD. The speccie has some pretty good analysis here, which also mentions the AfD’s posters:

…the [AfD]’s poster campaign has been hugely impressive. Even here in lefty Berlin, its posters dominate the streets, and make the other parties look tame and old-fashioned.

German political posters are usually absurdly formal: cheesy mugshots of earnest candidates promising a brighter future for Germany, or some such guff. Beside these quaint adverts, AfD’s provocative posters stand out a mile. In stark contrast to Nigel Farage’s notorious ‘breaking point’ poster, AfD has opted to accentuate the positive, presenting its party as laid-back, fun-loving libertarians, and focusing on what Germans (allegedly) stand to lose. The most arresting image is of two (white) women in skimpy swimsuits. ‘Burkas?’ reads the slogan; ‘Wir steh’n auf Bikinis’ (‘Burkas? We stand by bikinis’). Another poster depicts a happy pregnant (white) woman lying in a meadow. The slogan reads ‘Neue Deutsche? Machen wir selber’ (‘New Germans? We’ll make our own’). Whether you find these advertisements commendable or despicable, you can’t help but admire their ingenuity. Rather than generating doom and gloom (a tricky sell in prosperous times), AfD has come up with a sexy, feel-good anti–immigration campaign.

I’m pretty sure that, despite the occasional gaffes and the universal opprobrium from the “right thinking people”, the AfD are here to stay and their influence is likely to grow not shrink.