I see stuff on social media like the Bruce Bartlett tweet above and I wonder why apparently intelligent people make these bone-headed statements. They also mindlessly post memes expressing shock that Trump is a “Nationalist” just as was that certain well known German

Oddly, though, the same people almost always get upset when it is pointed out that this person also claimed to be a Socialist. And they get really torqued when people point out that governments following the “international” form of their beloved socialism killed far more if their own people. But to go back to the claims that Fascism and/or totalitarianism is descending on the USA. I find it amazing that these people are willing to get dressed up in readily identifiable pink hats and the like if they fear a totalitarian regime

Totalitarian regimes, of whatever alleged political type, tend to be rather harsh on dissidents: lining them up against walls and shooting them, sending them to gulags, “disappearing” them and so on. Yet, amazingly, none of the protestors, not even the mobs and individuals attacking Trump supporters and GOP politicians, have suffered this fate.

I do however note that people on the right (ish) are mentioning a certain Chilean general with approval

Right now the commentary is limited to darkly humorous memes (mostly involving helicopters)

That is when the same people aren’t memeing NPCs

The NPC concept is of course causing all sorts of heartburn but I think a lot of it is due to it hitting rather too close to home. As do all the memes about the SJW sorts being babies

In fact that may be a worthwhile insight. It is well known that children (and particularly teenagers) do better with firm limits and suffering sanctions when caught beyond them. Now of course the children tend to try and stretch those limits but they almost always do better when there are limits and when exceeding them causes parental retribution. There are many examples of children deliberately breaking the rules to get attention and to get some kind of subconscious affirmation that their parents / teachers etc. care about them. I’m beginning to think that the “left” are secretly hankering for a societal version of the same thing. It might explain how they seem to accept being twitter-mobbed into grovelling apologies when they say things that ought to be fairly uncontroversial (such as quoting Winston Churchill). I note that many of these people are the bansturbators who run HOAs, want laws passed about everything from gun control to other people’s children making noise playing outside etc. despite also being the ones who claim to want freedom to choose gender etc, and to oppose intolerance.

The rest of us, for the most part, just want to be left alone and get on with our lives in peace. Thus we tend to roll our eyes and otherwise ignore their shrieks as much as possible. This may no longer be possible. Sarah Hoyt suggests that we should stop rolling our eyes and otherwise ignoring their idiocies.

For too long we’ve run on “If someone squawks loud enough we’ll do that.”

It’s time to stop it. The wheel isn’t even squeaky. It’s just making noise to get attention.

It’s time to weaponize “So what?”

“I don’t like your car/dog/kid/business/idea/book/etc.” The answer to that, the civilized and decent answer should be “so what?”

“You culturally appropriated your book/music/dress/food” “So what?”

Unless I’m materially harming someone, if they squawk the answer should be so what.

We’re getting “good mannered” into tyranny.

I think we may be forced to go further because I think that deep down they actually want the jackboots. It’s the only explanation that makes sense. They are deliberately goading the rest of us in exactly the way that children demand attention from their parents, despite the fact that they know the people they are goading are generally armed and capable.

The problem is they may not survive the result because the reaction to their continual poking may turn out to be free halfway helicopter rides rather than camps out in the countryside where they can concentrate on improving their education…