It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a totalitarian regime in charge of a country must be in want of a sense of humor. It is likewise a truth that mockery of such regime is how the inmates in the country maintain some kind of psychological health. Hence all the jokes in the Soviet Union about the country and leadership  – “They pretend to pay us, we pretend to work” for example. The difference is striking: make a joke about the President of the USA in the USA and you’ll likely get wild applause (and it doesn’t matter whether the President is Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush…), make one about the President of China in China and you’ll shortly be making Christmas cards for export while hoping no one needs any of your organs.

Currently, the People’s Republic of China is very sensitive about the Wuhan Coronavirus, so they of course had a complete sense of humor failure when the Danish Newspaper Jyllands Posten (who also pulished the Mohammed cartoons almost 20 years ago) published the cartoon flag above. They have also shown a lot of sensitivity about the protests in Hong Kong, the massacre thirty years ago in Tianenman Square and of course their leader is famously unhappy to be compared to Winnie the Pooh.

So it seems to me that no harm would be done by not making the cartoon flag they object to a little more disneylike.

Update: and for health we should of course add a mask:

Oh and since it is now the year of the rodent perhaps a Disney New Year greeting might also be appropriate

To return to the virus. As noted at Samizdata:

Wearing face masks in public is presently illegal in Hong Kong and compulsory in Wuhan

And it has not gone unremarked that Hong Kong’s leader wore a facemask herself (wrongly)while announcing restrictions on the HK/PRC border. Hence this image may also cause amusement:

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PS Update2. The Chicoms don’t like this one either for some reason