Project Veritas dug up a Google employee (now kind of an ex-employee) who provided a number of fascinating documents about how the “algorithm” is tweaked to bias things in favor of stuff Googlers like and against stuff they don’t. This follows up work like this from DuckDuckGo that have showed this sort of issue in the past. If you want proof that Google has some leanings in a certain political location I invite you to look at what it suggests for auto complete as you type the words “clinton” and then “body”. Do the same with DuckDuckGo and observe some fascinating differences

Here’s screenshots when I did this. First just “clinton” where Google helpfully suggested some place in Tokyo because I’m in Japan (but nowhere near Tokyo)

Then when you add body

Do you see any differences? Yeah me too.

If you haven’t started using DDG for your searching, now would be a good time to consider making the change. I’ve been it for a year or two now and in almost all cases it shows me exactly what I want (full disclosure: I have found Google’s image search to be occasionally superior).

Then there’s the increasingly heavy-handed censorship of social media as they try to cut down on “hate speech”.  For example someone got a ban for stating that “illegal aliens are criminals” on Facebook

It is hard to see what is the hate speech in this. I mean you may disagree that “illegal aliens are criminals” and, in the case of illegals who entered legally and overstayed their visa you might have a point, but that’s something that should be argued. It’s impossible to make that argument if the initial statement is blocked as hate speech.

Relatedly there’s the plight of Larry Correia who found himself in facebook jail for something he’d written as a joke a year ago. The comment was in defense of an entirely fictional country and described the inhabitants of a different fictional country disparagingly. You should read the link for the context but the bad thing that got Larry in jail was:

It was a “disputed” area, originally settled by peaceful Krasnovian sandwich makers, and then invaded and occupied by filthy Pinelandian goat rapists.

We note that this comment was made AN ENTIRE YEAR before it was deemed beyond the pale. It only showed up because it appeared up in someone’s facebook memories and that person thought the entire discussion was hilarious (which it is). But resharing the original post meant people could read all the comments and some of the perpetually offended could get upset on behalf of goat rapists (because clearly comparing them to Pinelandians is a major insult, up with which no self-respecting goat rapist will put).

This then led to a couple of days of extreme madness as people came up with memes about dastardly Pinelandias, the excellence of Krasnovians and their sandwiches and waffes and so on, including Larry posting a photo of his release from durance vile:

Well you’d think that would be that but, no, there’s more. Larry has now been put on a list of suspected wrongthinkers who need extra monitoring and yesterday he posted a link to this gun control argument – or possibly just a screenshot of it, not sure – with commentary about how silly the assumption was

and this got him back in jail. At least I believe it was that post because it disappeared but FB didn’t actually tell him what the bad thing was. Apparently you are expected to know what badthink you have been guilty of.

Anyway as with the google thing there are alternatives and a bunch of us are now moving to mewe because it seems to be less infested with censorious asshats.

Mind you one of the first posts I saw on mewe was about another FB jailing. This time for “unusual” activity

Which leads me to this as a final comment (for now)