A couple of weeks ago, I was handed an automatic 24 hour ban on the Fecesbork for posting “misinformation”. This was somewhat ironic as what I was posting was an image of twitter censoring a tweet from President Trump and complaining about the idiocy. Even more ironically Twitter did not censor the tweet where I said almost the exact same thing and posted the identical before and after images (also below)


The original dangerous misinformation


The “nanny twitter” knows best version

This was really just the start of Feces Borg (and Twatter) going all out on the censorship front for October. It was notable in part for demonstrating just how much image recognition and image->text conversion the Feces Borg has in its censorship division.

Last week of course we all know that the two entities learned all about the Streisand Effect with respect to the NY Post report(s) on the contents of Crackhead McStripperbang’s laptop hard disk. But that hasn’t stopped either from continuing to brazenly censor stuff.

If there seemed to be a real live human behind the censorship decisions who could be reasoned with, then this might be acceptable. But apparently that is too much to ask for, at least in the case of the Feces Borg.


Today I see that the Feces Borg has decided that an obviously satirical Babylon Bee article about the ACB confirmation circus “incites violence” and was therefore “Against Community Standards” so they were demonetizing the Bee on FB – “Nice business you got here, be a real shame if anything happened to it…”

But they don’t just go after the big boys. No no. They let their censorbots go after the little fish too and give those little fish little or no chance to complain that they have been unfairly banned/warned etc. It’s all over the place. In the last couple of hours I’ve seen a friend of a friend (I’ve interacted but we aren’t FB friends) get a ban for correctly reporting that Washington State is Vote by Mail only


Then there’s this, which is just plain WTF inexplicable. In what universe is offering condolences counted as bullying unless (see community standards image above) it’s doing the mafia trick of “so sad your doggie died, be a real shame if anything similar happened to your daughter”


However in this case the only mafia heavies are the Feces Borg and their censorbots.

Somewhat tangentially, I note that the Borg is also forcibly moving its users over to a new UI that many of us hate. So much so that various chrome and firefox extensions/plug-ins were created to keep the old layout. Unfortunately they just closed the loophole (unless you are a group or page owner) and so there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I get that we’re the product not the customers so griping is somewhat pointless but I find it amazing that FB is so deaf to both vocal feedback – I know I am not alone in sending them constructive feedback on why the new UI sucks – and active attempts to work around it. In many companies this level of user dissatisfaction would prompt the management to investigate why and see what could be done to remedy it, however the Bork seems unwilling to brook dissent from its new platform. Combine it with the censorship and I’m really wondering why I stick with it. So perhaps its time to take another look at alternatives like mewe.com and/or minds.

[Given that the capability to return to the “classic” UI remains for certain classes of people, this is surely a hint that some part of the borg is aware of the dissatisfaction. It is unclear why they don’t make the option more widespread]

Finally, if you want to do your bit to spike the censorship then there’s code for that: https://gitlab.com/Hellokittygoatse/smh-perl. It won’t stop the censors reading what type directly into the platform or the images you upload to it, but it will stop them seeing anything you link to, while still letting your friends see what ever it was you wanted them to see. There may even, shortly, be a cloud based service version of it, and if so it will be linked in an update here.